Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been thinking about space and sound for a while. I wanted to pursue some of the ideas that came up with C U B EM U S I C with a "solar" element.

C U B EM U S I C is an installation incorporating, sound, light and sculpture. There are six 4 foot by 4 foot cubes constructed of aluminum. Each cube has a series of different geometric shapes cut out of the sides. From within each cube emanates a different lighting pattern from three sources as well as a different four-note chord swelling in volume. Together the chords create a thick and dense web of sound that constantly changes. The sounds of C U B EM U S I C engulf the listener. The lights glow and decay in varying patterns through the geometric shapes casting shadows all over the room. The entire space becomes C U B EM U S I C, a throbbing, pulsing environment for one to enter and leave at will.


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